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Sorry, GOP, Donald Trump Is Your Monster--It's Time To Own Him

The GOP gets no sympathy from us.

On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump announced to the world that he was running for president of the United States and in the same speech called Mexicans rapists and criminals. When the day was over, the Republican base was cheering for their new leader. Now, with just four weeks left until the election the same people who once cheered are trying to distance themselves from the nominee. Unfortunately for them, it doesn't work like that.

While it appears as if there has been an awakening on the right, it is a little baffling to those of us who saw this coming. Democrats have been predicting this for months and have been screaming at all of our Republican friends and family to wake up to the reality of what Donald Trump really represents. We saw this coming a mile away, but they wouldn't listen. 

When Donald Trump insulted Mexican immigrants and surged in the polls, we told them that this was a direct result of the party's xenophobia. The Republican Party has been scapegoating immigrants for years, and it was only natural the base would begin to hate them.

When Donald Trump attacked Megyn Kelly because she had the audacity to ask him questions about his treatment of women, we explained that this was a direct result of the party's misogyny. The GOP, of course, had been attacking women's rights for decades. 

When Donald Trump insulted John McCain's military service and then the senator still endorsed him, we shook our heads in dismay. When Trump attacked a Gold Star family because they spoke out against him, we looked at McCain and pointed the finger at him. The Arizona senator's endorsement of Trump, after he disparaged his service led to the nominee thinking he could away with attacking the Kahn family. 

Every endorsement from Republican leaders who knew who Trump was gave birth to this monster. Every time a member of the party who defended this man for his racist, Islamophobic, hate-filled rants, they encouraged his behavior. Every time high-ranking official failed to condemn him for his misogynistic speech, they allowed him to think it was acceptable. 

The Republican Party's complacency and encouragement has led to this moment. They hitched their wagon to this deplorable horse and now they are trying desperately to get away from him as he runs right off a cliff at full gallop. But they can't. 

Donald Trump did not occur in a vacuum. He is the result of their failure to govern. He is the result of their divisive rhetoric. He is the result of their Southern Strategy. He is the result of their continued scorched earth attacks on President Obama. He is the result of their welfare queen myth. He is the result of their LGBT hate. He is the result of their bigotry. He is the result of their war on women. No amount of endorsement pulling and distancing themselves from him is going to save their party; the damage is done.

Donald Trump is the GOP's just deserts. Now grab a spoon and eat up, assholes.