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Donald Trump is Practicing For the Next Debate in Exactly the Wrong Way

If this is how he's preparing, he's in big trouble.
Donald Trump Presidential Announcement

I have the best debates! Believe me!

The second presidential debate is just two days away and it looks as if Donald Trump may actually be trying to practice for this one. If you recall, the Trump campaign bragged about how he "didn't need to practice" for the last one and he lost "bigly" for it. The Republican presidential nominee performed so poorly, his once rebounding poll numbers took a nosedive and Hillary is now beating his by 6 points in some polls. 

According to the Huffington Post, Trump is not going to let that happen twice and he is attempting to prepare himself for this one.

Well, kind of:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Thursday held a rare town hall event in New Hampshire that looked a lot like a trial run for Sunday’s second presidential debate with Democrat Hillary Clinton. But the softball questions selected from a Trump-friendly crowd offered little practice for a nominee who desperately needs to overcome his widely panned performance in last week’s debate.

Some of the questions Donald received from the handpicked crowd of Trump-lovers were: 

  • “What is your favorite childhood memory? Go Donald.”
  • “How will you win over the conservative holdouts not on the bandwagon?”
  • "Which team will win the World Series?"

His campaign claimed that the event had nothing to do with the upcoming debate, but the timing is very suspicious. The self-proclaimed billionaire almost never holds small events, preferring huge venues that allow him to brag about the "thousands" of people left outside. He also rarely allows the crowd to ask him questions. 

However, in just this week alone he has held two question and answer events. The first was on Tuesday with a group of retired veterans (that was also the day he implied that vets suffering from PTSD were not strong). The second event was, of course, Thursday evening. He'll need the practice because one on one conversations with voters is way outside of his comfort zone. 

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, specializes in this format. The Democratic nominee does not live for huge ego-inflating rallies like Trump, preferring smaller, intimate settings. Her wide base of knowledge means she also thrives on obscure, even hostile, policy questions, unlike her rival. This is the same woman who once sat in front of a group of very angry Republican for nearly 11 hours, testifying about the Benghazi attacks and walked away with a bounce in her step.

Unfortunately for Trump, he has none of Hillary's experience and neither of his recent events have prepared him for what is to come Sunday. During the second debate he is not going to be asked about "childhood memories" or baseball. He is going to be asked tough policy questions and the country will expect comprehensive, rational and, most importantly, coherent answers--something Trump has not been able to do thus far.