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Internal Republican Polling Shows Trump Delivering The Senate And Supreme Court To Hillary On A Silver Platter

How bad is it? Very, very bad.



Republicans are just days away from stampeding for the emergency exits as the Trump Train speeds towards a spectacular, one-for-the-history-books disaster in November. Between Tump's terrible debate performance, his week-long meltdown and his all around awfulness, his polling numbers have tanked.

But it gets worse:

Mr. Trump has already slipped perceptibly in public polls, trailing widely this week in Pennsylvania and by smaller margins in Florida and North Carolina — three states he cannot afford to lose. But private polling by both parties shows an even more precipitous drop, especially among independent voters, moderate Republicans and women, according to a dozen strategists from both parties who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the data was confidential. is already showing Hillary ahead 308-229 on the electoral college map. If Trump drops any further, he could be facing a bigger loss than Romney (but less than McCain). 

The Times also reports that if (when) Trump makes an ass of himself at the next debate, Republicans are seriously considering pulling a Pence and throwing their candidate under the bus to save their own skin.

Bye Bye Senate!

Just two weeks ago, Republicans had an excellent shot at retaining the Senate. The House, of course, is a gerrymandered guarantee for Republicans but the Senate was, and still is, all-important because of that pesky unfilled Supreme court vacancy. The hope was that by holding on to the Senate, Republicans could force Hillary to appoint a center right Justice they liked.

But if they lose the Senate, Hillary will appoint whoever the hell she wants and that person is going to be significantly to the left of Obama's current centrist pick, Merrick Garland. Even though Hillary is a centrist politician herself, she is well aware that Republicans are almost certainly going to use the Court to obstruct anything and everything she does just like they've been doing to Obama. The further to the left her appointment, the less effective this strategy becomes.

If, on Monday morning, you start seeing a raft of stories about Republicans denouncing Donald Trump, that will be the clearest sign that it's all over but the crying and white supremacist rioting.