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In this issue of Banter M:

John McCain is Responsible For Donald Trump - There are many competing theories as to why a madman like Donald Trump is running for president. But Ben Cohen argues that John McCain's 2008 bid for the White House paved the way for the emergence of Trump for one, very good reason.

Why Donald Trump's Zero-Percent Tax Rate Turns Me Into a White-Hot Ball of Rage - Bob Cesca explains the unbridled anger he felt after learning Donald Trump hasn't paid any income tax for the past 20 years. Why? Because like most Americans, Bob actually pays his taxes.

In the Aftermath of Donald Trump, How Much Lower Can We Go? - Even if Trump loses the election in November, the damage is done, argues Chez Pazienza. Trump didn't emerge in a vacuum, so what the hell happens to American politics in the wake of his ascension?

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