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By now you're likely familiar with former New Mexico governor and Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson's series of cringe-worthy derps. 

  • There was the time on Morning Joe in which he couldn't identify the word "Aleppo" as being a war-torn city in Syria. Oddly, I get this one. Aleppo isn't a city that's being covered a lot in the political press, even though it should be given the atrocities happening there. For example, that iconic image of a wounded, stunned and dirt-covered little boy, Omran Daqneesh, sitting in an ambulance? That occurred in Aleppo. Regardless, a presidential candidate -- even an isolationist libertarian -- should've at least recognized the word based on the photo, and not entirely blanked on it. 
  • Shortly thereafter, Chris Matthews asked Johnson about his favorite world leader. Not only could Johnson not name a favorite, he couldn't name any living world leaders, even with an assist from his vice presidential running made, Bill Weld. 
  • Then Johnson was being interviewed before the first presidential debate and inexplicably began talking with his tongue wedged between his teeth. Weird, but not necessarily disqualifying by itself.
  • Oh, and I almost forgot that he said the climate crisis isn't a threat because the Sun will eventually destroy the planet anyway. Yeah, billions of years from now. This one is absolutely a disqualifying trespass. Even the most ludicrous deniers haven't conjured this one, and there are many, many ludicrous deniers.

But today, Johnson tried to explain away his total lack of geographical awareness by saying this on MSNBC:

"The fact that somebody can dot the i’s and cross the t’s on a foreign leader or a geographic location then allows them to put our military in harm’s way," Johnson said to a skeptical-seeming Andrea Mitchell.  

So, not knowing the locations of important nations on a map will ensure that a president won't attack those places? Really? This is like saying, If I don't ever eat food or drink water, there's no chance I'll choke and die. Food and water kills! Am I right?! It's like saying, I refuse to learn too many words because I might eventually use those words to blurt, 'I hate Jews!'

And yet he's polling at nine percent nationally.

Making matters worse, too many Millennials are planning to vote for Johnson despite the reality that very few of the things they want are represented in his platform.

He doesn’t think the government should do a lick about climate change. He supports TPP, Citizens United, and unapologetically opposes all forms of gun control. Obamacare? Johnson says only the free market should be involved in health insurance. On perhaps the biggest issue among younger Sanders supporters—free college tuition—Gary Johnson will offer them nothing. That’s Libertarianism for you.  

This all goes back to what we've discussed for a while now. It's the confluence of a lack of education and the dominance of self-imposed micro-bubbles where social media users create their own realities in which consensus among like-minded voters substitutes for objective reality and facts. No one reads. No one studies. No one cares. Hence a know-nothing like Gary Johnson is skating by with an undeserved nine percent.

One last thing. One of the reasons why Johnson still can't name a foreign leader he admires is because none of the world's successful leaders, indeed very few leaders at all, are in charge of libertarian governments. Not one. He'd have to dig down through the list until he arrived at Somalia. Good one. See, if Johnson had named Justin Trudeau or President Hollande of France, his libertarian minions would've pointed out the socialism present in both nations. There are no libertarian leaders in the civilized world.

In fact, feel free to badger your libertarian friends with this question: Name one successful society that exists under a libertarian system. They won't be able to answer because there is no answer. Libertarianism, in the modern sense of the word, is nothing but a fever dream in print form concocted by Ayn Rand: the L. Rob Hubbard of politics.

So, really, it's no wonder Johnson is completely full of shit.