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Definitive Proof Trump is a Failed Businessman

It doesn't take a genius to make money when you've inherited a fortune.
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The Huffington Post's take down of Donald Trump's business acumen is utterly devastating and definitive. It proves that contrary to the image Trump has portrayed about himself, he is actually a complete failure as a business man. Here's the key quote: 

Had Trump taken his share of what would become his father’s inheritance and put it into an index fund matching the S&P 500 back in 1974, it would have been worth $3 billion today. Had he put the $200 million that Fortune magazine determined he was worth in 1982 into that same index fund, he would be worth more than $8 billion today.

And had that $200 million gone into the broad real estate market, it would be worth more than $20 billion today.

In other words, given Trump is likely worth well under $5 billion, he has basically lost money for 40 years. In business, this is what you would call an 'opportunity cost' (defined as: "The loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen".)

And we all know Trump speaks business, so this perspective on his supposed success and wealth will make all the sense in the world to him. Except of course, Trump doesn't live in reality so will dismiss it out of hand and continue to tout his awesome success. Of course this could all change if he is forced to reveal his income -- then the public would find out once and for all just how wealthy he really is. And it says here he's worth a lot less than current official estimations.