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Earlier today, Donald Trump, never one to approach any subject at all with nuance or tact, implied that U.S. military vets suffering from PTSD "aren't strong." In general, this is a fucking unconscionable comment. From Trump, however, it's Monday. This is the same person after all who seemingly years ago, at the beginning of this interminable campaign, said of war hero John McCain that he didn't like POW's because he much preferred guys who weren't captured. 

For the most part, we've all become numb to Trump's offensiveness, but one person who hasn't is Vice President Joe Biden. Maybe that's why he figuratively gave it to Trump with both barrels this afternoon during a campaign stop in Sarasota, Florida. Put simply, Biden wasn't having any of Trump's bullshit -- and he even invoked the memory of his recently deceased son, Beau, to make his point about the patriotism and true sacrifice of those who wear the uniform. Something Trump could never in a million years understand since he's never in his life sacrificed a thing and has never cared about anyone other than Donald Trump.