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Listen to Sam Harris Ruining Donald Trump For 14 Minutes Straight

This is the definitive Trump take down.
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Over the last year here at the Banter, we have dedicated an inordinate amount of time trying to explain exactly why Donald Trump is the most dangerous threat to human life we've seen in a very, very long time. 

This may sound like hyperbole, but when you take a sober look at what some of his proposed policies would mean for Americans and people around the world, it becomes abundantly clear that Trump must be beaten at almost any cost. I have tried to articulate the danger of Trump as clearly as possible, but I fear my words still don't quite do it justice. Sam Harris, on the other hand, has managed to brilliantly encapsulate the awesome threat Western civilization is facing should Americans elect Trump in November. 

This clip of his podcast was sent to me by a friend, and it was so astute and powerful that I've listened to it several times. If you have a spare 14 minutes, just take a listen to Harris taking down Trump and definitely proving that he and Clinton are in no way comparable.  Key quote:

I can't overlook the fact that the man shows every sign, really every sign of being motivated by pure selfishness and narcissism, to be compared with Hillary's partial selfishness and narcissism. And he strikes me as completely rudderless intellectually. You want to understand how I see Trump? Blow up a balloon without tying off the end, and hold it up high, and then release it, then watch it fly chaotically around the room. That's Trump's mind. In my view, that's what we'd be doing with the country if we put him in charge -- just hitching our future to a totally chaotic system. If that's your view of "shaking things up", you are a nihilist.

Listen to the full segment here: