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Programming Announcement From Banter HQ!

A quick note from Banter HQ to our readers

A quick note from Banter HQ to our readers -- beginning this month we will be publishing Banter M, our digital magazine for members bi-weekly instead weekly. 

Due to the enormous pressure of the election season and the round the news cycle, we can't afford to have an entire day with several of our writers working for the magazine instead of publishing on the main site. To be more efficient, we will be running Members Only articles spaced out during the alternate weeks so that we can maintain a steady flow and not miss anything of importance. If anything, we'll actually be producing more content for our members and more content on the regular site, so we think it will be a win-win for everyone. 

Our primary focus to stay on top of everything as the future of Western civilization hangs in the balance this election season, so we have to make decisions like this given the fact that we are a small, independent outlet with no benevolent billionaire backing us (or to be fair, bankrupting us à la Gawker). 

Anyway, we wanted to extend a heart felt thanks to all our wonderful members who continue to support The Daily Banter and everything we do. We're still here, still going after the insane right, and still publishing original, unique content in a sea of internet clickbait. 

If you are not a member, we still love you for reading us, and if you can spare the price of a single cup of coffee every month, we'll love you even more (and you'll get access to the magazine and Members Only articles of course!).

- Ben and the team at Banter