"I continue to believe that broadstroking a huge group of people is a bad idea, so I've never believed that every early 20-something on the planet is a self-obsessed basket case. In fact, other than dealing with them online, I've never had a personal experience that would inform and enhance any distaste I might have for millennials. Until Sunday night."

Banter M is usually the kind of thing that's reserved for think pieces and longform columns -- prestige stories of the political and sometimes personal variety that we figure you'll find worth paying a couple of bucks for. This, however, won't be one of those. Not by a long shot. I hope you'll understand and forgive the intrusion of what's basically something done on a lark. What I'm about to you is nothing more than, I hope, a mildly entertaining little story of one of those oft-reported internet "come for" that I actually got to experience first hand. It involves the Hollywood Bowl, a couple of really drunk young women, a mother with one hell of a swing with a seat cushion, Facebook and -- ELO. Is this self-indulgent. Oh, fuck yes. So, let's begin.

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