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In this issue of Banter M:

Life is Fragile - Ben Cohen writes about the tragic death of this friend's 15 month old baby after a drunk hit and run this past weekend. What can anyone take from something so terribly sad? There are lessons are to be learned in the midst of tragedy argues Ben, and truths we must all come to terms with as human beings.

I Can't Write Any of This in Public, So... - Bob Cesca writes about being called a Nazi, being body shamed, and having his personal website hacked all for the sins of calling out a particular Leftist writer dedicated to bringing down Hillary Clinton.

Imagine If Donald Trump Had Been in Office on 9/11 - Chez Pazienza discusses the unthinkable, and asks us to imagine what would have happened to America if a man who "can't even handle an insult on Twitter without lashing out in every direction" was in charge after 9/11.

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Editors Note: All proceeds from Banter Memberships sold today will be donated to the Kowal family. If you wish to donate directly to their funeral costs and medical bills, please go here.