"After watching this week's episode of PBS's Frontline, titled "The Choice," about the dual lives of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I've gained an entirely new appreciation for Hillary Clinton as a woman and as a public servant, not to mention the journey that Hillary's taken to arrive at this lofty station in her political career. Unlike a video game, obviously, her journey has been strikingly real with tangible consequences -- real emotions and real ambitions, with soul-crushing doom lurking at each turn."

The standard format for role-playing video games is essentially to fight off various smaller enemies, and then, at the end of each level or at the end of the game, the main character must confront a "boss." Bosses are either bigger and more powerful or, at the very least, more difficult to defeat than the previous rogues gallery of enemies. Invariably, the boss confrontation forces us to utilize the skills and coordination we accumulated while fighting our way through that level...

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