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CNN had a town hall with President Obama that didn't get a lot of attention thanks to the ongoing 2016 presidential election shitshow, but there were two moments that really stood out to me as great reminders of what a great president we're losing. The first was his uncompromising response to a Gold Star mother who really wants him to say the magic words "radical Islamic terrorism."

It's hard to talk back to someone whose family has made the ultimate sacrifice without seeming like an asshole, but Obama threaded the needle perfectly (transcript here):

That's a hard thing for someone to hear, but President Obama broke the news to her, that she's being used by racists to smear her slain son's comrades, gently:

The other moment was President Obama telling a soldier, to his face, that Colin Kaepernick has every right to protest, and that he ought to respect those who disagree with him just as much as they ought to respect him (transcript here):

We know what the choices are for our next president. Here's hoping she picks up where the last one left off.