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Gary Johnson's Town Hall Performance Should Disqualify Him From This Election

This was just embarrassing.
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On Wednesday evening, during a MSNBC Town Hall meeting hosted by Chris Matthews, Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson was asked to name his favorite foreign leader and he couldn't name a single one. The candidate began stuttering after the question was asked and appeared nervously joked,"I guess I'm having an Aleppo moment."

If you recall, that "Aleppo moment" he was referring too stemmed from an interview with MSNBC earlier this month where he could not tell the hosts of Morning Joe what Aleppo--the epicenter of the war in Syria--was. 

If Gary Johnson were a random person on the street who couldn't name a world leader or tell you what Aleppo is, it wouldn't be a big deal. But he's not. This is a man running for President of the United States and he doesn't appear to have any working knowledge of foreign affairs. We are one of the most influential countries in the world and our president should have a comprehensive understanding of world issues and know the names of foreign leaders. Will he be asking his staff for flash cards with the names of cities and people on them if he is elected?

Unfortunately for Johnson, this wasn't the only embarrassing moment of the night. In another portion of the interview the Libertarian accused Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton of being trigger happy with nuclear warheads.

"I think she is going to press the button ... She is going to be hawkish, she is going to be more hawkish in that role. I think that she is not going to air on the side of not being an aggressor." Johnson continued,"I think she is going to shoot. She is going to shoot. She is not going to be herself. She is not going to be perceived as weak. She is going to shoot."

Hillary Clinton has never given any indication would ever start a nuclear war in a fit of rage. To the contrary, as secretary of state she worked closely with our allies to prevent other countries, like Iran, from increasing the threat of nuclear war. 

Clinton also has an extensive and nuanced understanding of foreign affairs, making her qualified to run the country and negotiate with other global leaders. Johnson, on the other hand, apparently doesn't know who any of them are.

Watch Johnson's interview below: