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Joe Scarborough Just Slammed Trump For Sounding Like A Nazi

Joe's less than subtle reference to eugenics is a sharp reminder of what Donald Trump stands for and what's at stake in this election.
Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough

Earlier this year, Joe Scarborough was an embarrassing cheerleader for Donald Trump, so much so that his show was flamed to a well-done crisp by both liberals and conservatives. Whether bowing to this pressure or waking up to the reality that his ratings were not worth the risk of a Trump presidency, Morning Joe turned on Trump with a vengeance and earlier today, they kicked it up a notch.

During a segment discussing how Bobby Kennedy was a leader that inspired unity while Trump sows discord, Joe Scarborough used a very specific turn of phrase to criticize Trump's world view:

Whether it's a reporter with a disability or whether it's a woman who's overweight or whether it's somebody that just doesn't measure up to what his image is of what should be the superior race, it's one after another.

No one uses the phrase "superior race" without intending to evoke the racist ideology of white supremacists. It just doesn't happen. And in the context of Donald Trump, whose base is filled with neo-Nazis, the KKK and other adherents of racial eugenics, it seems almost impossible to believe that this was not an intentional shot at Trump's racist campaign.

Trump's reliance on the "alt-right", the kinder, gentler name for rabid white supremacists that advocate genocide, for votes should be the defining issue of this campaign, more so than even his pathological lying. Kudos to Scarborough for reminding us what Trump stands for.

That a candidate is able to openly advocate for white supremacy and be so easily accepted by the nation tells us just how pervasive and widely-accepted racism still is in America, even in 2016.

We're at a dangerous turning point in our history and if you give even the slightest damn about the safety of minorities in this country, now is the time to stand up and be counted by voting for Hillary Clinton, the only thing standing between us and "President Donald Trump."