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The One Mind-Blowing Day That Donald Trump Didn't Lie

When a presidential candidate tells 64 unique lies in 9 days, the day he didn't lie is newsworthy.
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Donald Trump is a liar. So much so that over a period of 9 days, one reporter found that Trump told 64 lies. He repeated those lies a lot, making him one giant lie dispenser, but he told 64 individual whoppers. Yet, somehow, there was one day in which he told none at all.

Trump's lies are not the usual political spin-type liar, but blatant "who cares what the facts are" kinds of lies. He lies so much that in a recent Politico analysis over a week, the shocking result was that he told an untruth every 3 minutes and 15 seconds. He lies so much that Politifact has found at least 70 percent of his statements to be varying degrees of false. 


There are literally so many lies coming out of Trump's mouth that trying to comprehensively talk about each one is nearly impossible without losing people's attention. So, for that reason, It's amazing to find a day with no lies. What sets it apart? How did Trump go a whole day without lying?

On that day, Trump made no public statements. 

Vox reports:

 Reporter Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star decided to tally objectively false things Donald Trump said from September 15-17, and September 19-24. The only day when Trump didn't lie: September 23rd, when he didn't say anything in public at all.

Screen capture from Vox analysis

Screen capture from Vox analysis

So there you have it. Trump is capable of telling the truth. As long as he isn't actually speaking.