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Donald Trump's entire campaign for president has, from the very beginning, been based on his ability to successfully bullshit. His legion of red-cap-wearing reactionary zombies love him precisely because he's not a politician and is a gleeful bomb-thrower who takes an inordinate amount of pride in his ability to sidestep political land-mines despite his unapologetic ignorance on the actual issues. Trump dazzles his fans because he doesn't care a bit about facts and figures the way normal politicians do, choosing instead to always go with his gut during any interaction. He's the jock kid who stands in front of the class and bumbles his way through a book report on a book he obviously didn't read, but still gets high-fives from his idiot friends for being "the man" and because they know he'll eventually use that brazen cleverness to get them all out of a rape conviction.

The point is that Trump's supporters don't love him because he has a firm command of the facts. They love him because he's Trump. With that in mind, it's endlessly amusing that the headline of John Podhoretz's latest editorial over at the New York Post (motto: Lining the Birdcages of Tri-State Area Shut-Ins for Over 100 Years) is "Trump's Debate Incompetence a Slap in the Face To His Supporters." In the column, Podhoretz argues that "his supporters should be furious with him, and so should the public in general." He continues: "By performing this incompetently, by refusing to prepare properly for this exchange, by not learning enough to put meat on the bones of his populist case against Clinton, he displayed nothing but contempt for the people who have brought him this far." 

So, let's recap. According to Podhoretz, Donald Trump, Donald fucking Trump, let his supporters down -- people so frenzied and unhinged that the New York Times was able to make a supercut of their awfulness that's almost impossible to fully comprehend -- by his "debate incompetence." Jesus, who the hell is he talking about here? What unicorn-like Trump supporters sat there last night lamenting their candidate's lack of preparation? If anything, most Trump supporters are probably furious Trump didn't call Hillary Clinton a cunt then flash the television audience photos of him and his sons defecating inside a mosque. These aren't people who want political erudition and are prone to being disappointed when they don't get it. These are people who want blood and batshit. 

The only thing they're pissed about today is that Trump's special brand of insult comedy politics didn't work against someone who isn't merely as offensively ridiculous as he is. Trump was able to roll over the entire Republican field with his lazy ignorance and bombastic bullying because almost every person standing on stage with him during that time didn't deserve to be taken seriously. Clinton does. Clinton is serious as the heart attack Trump's going to have if his fat ass keeps apparently doing blow before a debate.