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Former Mexican President Calls US Debate a Match-Up Between 'The Beauty and The Beast'

Vicente Fox also warned world leaders about the dangers of Trump.

On Monday night, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton finally faced off in the debate we'd all been waiting for. Hillary conducted herself like a person who wanted to be president, laying out detailed policies that she would like to implement if she is elected. Trump, on the other hand, yelled a lot. 

The bombastic Republican presidential candidate attempted to stay calm at the beginning of the debate, but he soon morphed into a puddle of orange rage as he was outsmarted by a well prepared C. Not only was his performance embarrassing for the Republican Party (even if Paul Ryan won't it admit it), it was embarrassing for the entire country. And according to former Mexican President Vicente Fox it should scare the hell out of world leaders. 

During a telephone interview with the Washington Post, Fox said,"My impression was the beauty and the beast. Hillary Clinton was gracious, she looked very presidential, and he was very clumsy and poor in his presentation. … She really looked like a statesman, and he looked very poor." 

The former president continued,"We think he’s a danger. He’s a threat to the world. … When he speaks about geoeconomic situation and the geopolitical situation and terrorism, he’s absolutely ignorant, and he’s only provoking us democratic leaders from around the world to reject everything he’s proposing. He is an imperialistic gringo."

Vicente Fox is absolutely correct. There was nothing about that debate performance that proved Donald Trump was ready to lead this country. One of the most glaring examples of this was when he said that he was going to force other countries to dole out money or we would not continue to offer them protection -- in other words, making making extortion official US policy. Hillary Clinton was then forced to reassure our allies that we would honor our mutual defense agreements and treaties if she is elected, because of course she is actually qualified to become president. 

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