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During Monday's nights presidential debate, Donald Trump repeated his clearly misogynistic attack that Hillary Clinton doesn't have a "presidential look." Here was that brief yet damning exchange in print form:

HOLT: Mr. Trump, this year Secretary Clinton became the first woman nominated for president by a major party. Earlier this month, you said she doesn’t have, quote, “a presidential look.” She’s standing here right now. What did you mean by that?

TRUMP: She doesn’t have the look. She doesn’t have the stamina. I said she doesn’t have the stamina. And I don’t believe she does have the stamina. To be president of this country, you need tremendous stamina.

HOLT: The quote was, “I just don’t think she has the presidential look.”

TRUMP: You have — wait a minute. Wait a minute, Lester. You asked me a question. Did you ask me a question?

First of all, stamina? Trump could barely make it through a sentence without inhaling a wad of snot. He also spent most of the debate slumped over his lectern as if it was the only thing holding up his 267 pound bulk. Worse, after about 20 minutes either the cocaine kicked in, or whatever physical discomfort he was enduring became too much to tolerate, making the rest of his debate performance far worse than the behavior of a cranky toddler in church. Are there medical or even substance abuse disclosures in order? Perhaps. Does he have the stamina? Obviously not.

Regardless, Trump continues to repeat that Hillary doesn't have "the look" to be president, which obviously means that because she's a woman, and because she looks like one, she doesn't fit into the masculine ideal which he and his fanboys expect from a president. Put another way: girls and their girl parts simply aren't presidential. Likewise, Trump, with his high-and-swirly combover, his orange self-tanner, his ill-fitting Chinese suits and his snotty temper tantrums is completely presidential, even though exactly zero presidents in modern history have either looked or behaved like him -- like an entitled, easily rattled bag full of monkeys.

So, here's a challenge for Trump supporters with daughters.

I realize that many Trump diehards, male and female, don't care that he says obnoxious and offensive things more often than he breathes, but I'd like to challenge any of these nihilistic automatons to explain this to their daughters and granddaughters: even if they work hard and achieve great things in life that they'll never be presidential material -- not because it's quite challenging for both men and women to become president, but because they have two X-chromosomes and because they appear feminine. Same goes for transgender women.

I challenge Trump voters to tell their daughters and granddaughters that they have no business aspiring to be presidential because they never ever will be. It's impossible as long as they're icky cootie girls. And you know who said so? The man who's one or two points away from being the next president: Donald Trump. The man with the stupid hair and the anger issues and the three wives is thoroughly presidential, according to him and his voters, but even the Trump supporters who happen to be women will never have the "presidential look" and shouldn't even bother to try.

Naturally, there will be more than a few women and girls who are okay with this kind of archaic gender-based marginalization -- this presidential glass ceiling. Like sufferers of Stockholm Syndrome, they're trapped inside a patriarchal bubble in which a woman's role is solely to serve her husband, and her value as a person is restricted to how well she does so. I have nothing but pity for these women. Hopefully, they'll be liberated from indentured servitude before it's too late. But I doubt it. 

Meantime, there will be more than a few women and girls who have no intention of being president, so, they'll ask, why does it matter? It's the very idea of it. It's the attitude that says you can't achieve your dreams simply because you look like a woman. It also matters because the "presidential look" isn't restricted to just being president. The old-school all-male "look" is basically this: short hair, blue suit, red tie, and, of course, a penis and a pair of testicles in there somewhere. Business executives, local politicians -- any professional post held by men involves this uniform. And women don't have it, according to Trump, so the path is shut. Enjoy being barefoot and pregnant, not to mention the unnecessary plastic surgery and constant dieting required by woman-haters.

To Hillary Clinton and especially to all those daughters and granddaughters of Trump voters, I'm so terribly sorry. I'm sorry as a man. I'm sorry way too many men agree with Trump. I'm sorry your parents and grandparents are making such horrifyingly kneejerk political decisions right now -- that they're supporting a candidate who thinks you can't achieve certain goals in life merely because you happen to be women. That said, there are more than a few of us men who don't feel this way and we will happily vote for you as long as you're as competent or more so than your competitors, male or female. And if Trump is the model for political achievement in 2016, you shouldn't have much trouble overcoming such a hurdle of nincompoopery and hatred.