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I've been seeing this happen over and over again, where a Trumpist will just keep lying until the interviewer just gives up. This is sort of a new one, though: an interviewer who doesn't give up, but is just outmatched by the shamelessness of the lies. Sam Stein has this asshole cold, but because he can't whip out the study that shows the guy is lying, it ends up as "He said, he said laughable thing, he laughed" (transcript here):

See what happened there? Sam Stein knows what the guy is saying is patently false, but since he doesn’t have a printout of the report handy, it ends up being liberal media reporter says one thing, guy says other thing, who can ever know what’s true? Even though the idea that the economy could grow enough to make up $5.3 trillion in revenue at reduced tax rates is absurd on its face, it gets left as a 50/50 shot.

As it turns out, though, the report both of them are citing does address the issue of economic growth, just not in its own model. That $5.3 trillion figure is, indeed, calculated without considering economic growth, which the group says it will tackle in a future analysis, butthey did examine the Trump campaign’s claim that growth would magically make up the shortfall:

The Trump campaign estimates its tax and regulatory plans would increase real economic growth by roughly 75 percent, from 2.0 to 3.5 percent per year. If materialized, this faster growth would generate about $3.5 trillion of additional revenue, thus reducing the cost of Trump’s policies to less than $2 trillion in total. As we’ve shown recently, however, growth rates of or even near this magnitude are extremely unlikely to materialize.

So, based on the Trump campaign’s own estimates, the unrealistic growth they are promising would still leave a $2 trillion hole in the debt, which is still ten times what Hillary’s plan does, instead of the 30 times higher it is now. Baker isn’t just wrong, he’s lying. Even if everything Trump promises comes true, he’s still blowing up the debt like a nuclear missile compared to Hilary Clinton. The group also notes, of Hillary’s plan, that “Clinton has said she would pay for her infrastructure plan as part of business tax reform. If details of this reform were released, it could generate an additional $275 billion of revenue and result in modest deficit reduction.”

That’s also without considering economic growth.

In this campaign, it is simply not enough to know they’re lying, and it’s not even enough to call them out when you know they’re lying.