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Donald Trump's Iraq Oil Grab Plan is the Dumbest Idea in History

"One of the most despicable aspects of Trump's plan to grab Iraqi oil plan is its blatant racism. Iraqis in Trump's eyes are not real people and Iraq is not a real country, so therefore he can go in and take whatever he wants from them."
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While the polls might show a tightening race after a series of negative Hillary Clinton stories, when it comes to actually voting, most analysts believe centrist Americans will come to their senses and either not vote, or go with Clinton. 

There are several reasons as to why this is likely to happen, but the most rational explanation is that as the presidential election day draws closer, the potential real world effects of both candidates' policies are coming into sharper focus. 

This is a good thing, because the more one looks at Donald Trump's proposed policies for America, the more frightening the prospect of a Trump presidency becomes. 

For example, the Guardian recently examined Trump's continued promises to seize Iraq's oil from areas controlled by ISIS -- one of his most despicable policy proposals that could have devastating consequences for the future of the region and America itself. At a forum hosted by NBC earlier this month,Trump maintained that taking Iraq's crude oil would constitute reimbursement for the cost of invading them back in 2003. He said: 

We go in, we spend three trillion dollars, we lose thousands and thousands of lives, and then … what happens is we get nothing. You know, it used to be to the victor belong the spoils.

As the Guardian story pointed out, not only would it be physically almost completely impossible, it would be completely illegal under international law, and would constitute a war crime under the Geneva Conventions. While it may be unstable, Iraq is a sovereign nation, so it has control over its own borders and resources, and for the United States to go in and grab its oil would be akin to Nazi Germany raiding Russia to fuel its army. 

As we have come to learn, Trump has no concept of international law whatsoever so this is hardly surprising. Trump's brazen ignorance on foreign policy issues was made abundantly clear when he repeatedly asked one of his foreign policy advisor why America isn't using nuclear weapons on its enemies. The fact that he also believes America has the right to simply take another country's resources because, well, why the hell not, is more evidence that this man is a very serious threat to all life on planet earth.

One of the most despicable aspects of Trump's plan to grab Iraqi oil plan is its blatant racism. Iraqis in Trump's eyes are not real people and Iraq is not a real country, so therefore he can go in and take whatever he wants from them. You wouldn't hear him talk about Norway or Canada, or any other oil rich country with white inhabitants. Of course his supporters have no problem with this and cheer him wildly when he talks about "reimbursing" America for illegally invading and destroying Iraq. 

The consequences of attempting to steal Iraqi oil would, like most of Trump's policies, be disastrous. Taking away a nation's major source of wealth is not likely to go over well with Iraqi citizens, or anyone else in the Arab world, and the blowback would be immense. The likelihood of massive, violent retaliation would be extremely high, and America would get tied down in yet another conflict in the country it has been trying to leave for the past decade. 

Speaking to the Washington Post, Douglas Ollivant, a former National Security Council director on Iraq for Presidents Bush and Obama, outlined just how stupid this idea would be: 

“You could probably secure the area if you’re willing to have a forever war and 19-year-old Americans sniped at by Iraqis," he said. 

“Taking oil from the Iraqis is akin to taking oil from Texans, coal from West Virginians or timber from Oregonians. This is the stuff their economy is based on and they would probably fight to keep it.” 

“If someone came to my country and stole my oil I’d probably shoot at them too.”

So unless you want to see another decade of war and pointless bloodshed, it's probably a good idea not to elect this man president.