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Jill Stein is an Idiot

No, no, no, Hillary Clinton is NOT more dangerous than Donald Trump.
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In an almost laughably idiotic interview on a Politico podcast, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said the following steaming pile of misleading nonsense: 

Donald Trump, I think, will have a lot of trouble moving things through Congress. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, won’t … Hillary has the potential to do a whole lot more damage, get us into more wars, faster to pass her fracking disastrous climate program, much more easily than Donald Trump could do his.

There is so much stupidity in this it is hard to know where to begin. Firstly, Congress is controlled by the Republican Party who are about as likely to pass anything Hillary Clinton proposes as they would be for president Obama. In case Stein has been living under a rock for the past 8 years, she'll remember that the president has faced unprecedented obstructionism from the Republican controlled House and Senate. To think that Clinton, a politician vilified and hounded by Republicans for almost 25 years, would have a better chance of "moving things" through a Republican controlled congress is completely fucking insane. 

Secondly, by "her fracking" and "disastrous climate program", is Stein referring to the same candidate who has received endorsements from the NRDC Action Fund, the Sierra Club, and the League of Conservation Voters? Is she referring to the same Hillary Clinton who has pledged in no uncertain terms to continue the Obama administrations aggressive fight against climate change? The same Clinton who actually believes in climate change, as opposed to Trump, who believes it is a Chinese hoax? While Clinton is not perfect on the environment (her stance on fracking is indeed troubling), she isn't promising to dismantle the goddamn EPA

Thirdly, given Donald Trump has threatened to shoot Iranian soldiers being rude to Americans, engage in the torture of our enemies and nuke countries we don't like, how on earth would Clinton "get us into more wars"? Again, Trump would have the support of the GOP controlled House and Senate, so by any objective measure would be infinitely more dangerous than Hillary Clinton.

Anyone vaguely worried about the future of humanity and the survival of our biosphere knows that a Donald Trump presidency would be an unprecedented, unmitigated disaster. For Jill Stein to pretend otherwise isn't just stupid, it's treacherously stupid.