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Joking about assassination wasn't enough. Now this:

Take their  --  let's see what happens to her. Take their guns away. Okay? It would be very dangerous.   

Trump doesn't say who should "take away their guns," exactly, he's just saying. Take away their guns.

The media isn't playing this like the incitement his assassination joke was, but this is textbook. The dangerous part is Trump's lie that Hillary wants to repeal the Second Amendment, which, given the strong feelings people have about that, is an exceedingly reckless lie to tell. Take away their guns. The press hears an inflammatory hypothetical. Someone out there might be hearing a marching order.

Hillary's campaign put out this statement at 10 pm:

Robby Mook, campaign manager for Hillary for America, released the following statement Friday evening in response to Donald Trump's comments referencing possible acts of violence against Hillary Clinton:

"Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, has a pattern of inciting people to violence. Whether this is done to provoke protesters at a rally or casually or even as a joke, it is an unacceptable quality in anyone seeking the job of Commander in Chief. This kind of talk should be out of bounds for a presidential candidate, just like it should be out of bounds for a presidential candidate to peddle a conspiracy theory about the President of the United States for five years. But we've seen again and again that no amount of failed resets can change who Donald Trump is. He is unfit to be President and it is time Republican leaders stand up to denounce this disturbing behavior in their nominee."