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Lost in the shadow of Jimmy Fallon's shit-eating grin is the continued fact that Donald Trump released yet another bogus doctor letter on Thursday. It'a another doctor letter that was allegedly authored and signed by kooky Independence Day scientist, Dr. Harold Bornstein, and while this new letter contains a few more specifics, it appears to be just as ludicrous as the first one, but for different reasons.

As we've already discussed regarding his lab results, Trump's weight is perhaps the most obvious fabrication. To repeat, the letter states that Trump weighs 236 pounds. Previous estimates placed Trump at closer to 300 pounds, 267 specifically. But now he's magically dropped 31 pounds even though recent photographs indicate that he's much heavier than Bornstein reported. Weirdly, Trump's height jumped by a full inch. Until Thursday, it was widely accepted that Trump is six-foot-two-inches tall, but Bornstein's letter shows Trump to be six-three. 

Interestingly, Trump's inexplicable late-in-life growth spurt successfully keeps him out of the weight range for being considered "obese" by the Centers for Disease Control. If his height had been listed as six-two, and his weight remained at the hilariously svelte 236, Trump would be classified as "obese." But if he's six-three, then the CDC downgrades him from "obese" to merely "overweight." It turns out, Trump's growth spurt was fortuitously timed -- keeping him outside the ranks of the obese.

Bornstein also reported that Trump is on roseuvastatin, probably Crestor, a cholesterol medication. This would explain why his total cholesterol, 169, is well below the top end, 200 mg/dL, especially for a 70-year-old man who confessed to Dr. Oz that he routinely eats fast food because, he said, "at least you know what they are putting in it."

By the way, here are a few of the side effects of Crestor. There's no word whether Trump experiences any of these, but since Hillary's health is under a gigantic microscope, why not take a look. 

Next up, Trump's prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels are ridiculously low. 0.15 ng/dL is far below the normal range for man of Trump's age, which is zero to 6.5. Unless Trump has some sort of hormonal disorder, or unless Trump has a superhuman prostate, it's difficult to believe his PSA is that far below the normal range.

(Brief aside: Dr. Bornstein just reported numbers and failed to include the metric units those numbers represent. In other words, Bornstein didn't designate Trump's PSA as 0.15 ng/dL. He simply wrote 0.15. Without the unit designation, it could be anything. Then again, we're only talking about the would-be next president. No need for specifics, right?)

Trump's blood pressure, meanwhile, 116 over 70, is also conveniently just below the upper range for the American Heart Association's "normal" range of 120 over 80. Again, superhuman for a 70-year-old fast food connoisseur who's in the midst of the most grueling and stressful endeavor in American politics.

And as Tommy Christopher observed on Thursday, Trump's testosterone level, 441, is curiously low. This is perhaps the most intriguing of the numbers in Bornstein's note. Trump apparently suffers from low testosterone, even though Dr. Oz called it "good." If Trump and Bornstein have, indeed, inflated the numbers, Trump's testosterone might actually be much lower than 441, which already close to 100 ng/dL lower than normal. If Trump is seriously battling low-T, then that'd explain his minuscule PSA numbers, given how higher testosterone often leads to a higher PSA.

Finally, Trump and Bornstein failed to note that while Trump's parents lived deep into old age without histories of cardiac diseases or cancer, Trump's father was a victim of Alzheimer's Disease.

Of course, I suppose it's narrowly possible that Bornstein's lab results are accurate. But we don't know since nearly every article about the letter merely reports what's there at face value rather than digging into the veracity of it all. Given how the original Bornstein letter was a national joke, you'd think the political press would take a harder look at the details. However, Trump has been given the unprecedented latitude to play by his own rules while Hillary Clinton is held to pre-2016 rules for campaign conduct. So, don't expect to see any debunkings outside the usual left-leaning pundit shows and, obviously, here.