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During an interview with television huckster Dr. Oz, the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, handed over a two-page document detailing his vitals: weight, EKG, cholesterol, prostate levels, and so forth. The page noting the results of a physical examination at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan was apparently written and signed by Trump's mysterious physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein.

There's no way to verify the numbers on Bornstein's letter, including Trump's weight, which was reported to be 236 pounds. However, earlier reports indicate Trump might actually weigh 267 pounds and, quite frankly, the heavier weight makes more sense given his 6-foot 3-inch frame. (Similarly, prior to Bornstein's latest stats for Trump, he was reported to be 6-foot-2, and not 6-foot-3. It's well within reason to suggest Trump might also be lying about his height.)

So, what is Trump's actual weight?

Based on appearances in photos and video, and based on comparison photos of other men who claim to be 6-foot-3 and 236 pounds, there's simply no way Trump weighs what Dr. Bornstein says he weighs.

Here are two 6-foot 3-inch men from a popular weight loss and fitness forum who claim to weigh 236 pounds, the same as Trump, at least according to what Bornstein alleged.

These men claim to weigh 236 pounds, and both stand at 6'3".

These men claim to weigh 236 pounds, and both stand at 6'3".

And now, for comparison sake, here's Trump wearing tighter-fitting clothes so as to better reveal his girth.

trump fat 1.jpg
trump fat 2.jpg

It's much easier to believe that Trump is closer to 267 pounds than 236. Even estimating conservatively, Trump can't possibly weigh any less than 250 or 260, at the very least. He's lying and his doctor is lying. Again.

And if he is, in fact, 267 pounds, he'd not only enter the White House as the oldest president in history, but he'd also enter as one of the fattest. Not such a great combination. Worse, Trump claimed on the Dr. Oz program that he doesn't exercise, save for his wild gesticulations at his rallies, and he prefers to eat fast food because, he said, "at least you know what they are putting in it."

No. No, we don't know what's in fast food.

Either way, based on the Centers for Disease Control's body mass index calculator, and including the seemingly more accurate 267 pound weight, Trump is classified as "obese." The ideal weight for a 6'3" man is a slim 148 to 199 pounds. (For what it's worth, Trump would be diagnosed as "overweight," even at 236 pounds.)

Now, a few caveats. The calculator doesn't take muscle mass into consideration. Along those lines, it also categorized my BMI as technically "overweight," given my 6'4" height and 218 pound weight. Yet those who know me probably wouldn't describe me as overweight by any stretch, especially given the amount of time I spend in the gym. Nevertheless, just by eyeballing Trump's body (gross, I know), it's obvious that there isn't excessive muscle mass there, so it's not throwing off his numbers nor is muscle mass making him not so badly obese.

This is all to underscore the hyper-attention being paid to Hillary Clinton's health by the likes of Trump and his conspiracy adviser Alex Jones. It also highlights Trump's penchant for lying about, well, everything. If Hillary's temporary illness is fair game, then the fact that Trump is potentially obese and lying about it is also fair game. Regardless, when I brought up Trump's stats in my Twitter feed, more than a few Trump fanboys hilariously accused me of body-shaming Trump -- ironic given that one of Trump's biggest platform planks is fighting against political correctness. Once again, Trump fanboys obviously need trigger warnings and safe-spaces. Evidently, political correctness is bad, except for them.

So, how fat is Donald Trump? We still don't know for sure. Perhaps he'll put his money where his fat ass is and submit to a weigh-in with independent monitors. If America deserves to know the details of Hillary's temporary pneumonia for the sake of transparency, then America deserves to know whether Trump and his doctor are lying about his health.