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Sarah Palin Fans Think Hillary Clinton Has "Pnamonia"

"Well good be mad at me if I ask there be no antibiotic for this strain of pnamonia? Ok fine. God please heal her so she can keep killing us off."
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If you want to know what type of person will be voting for Donald Trump this November, Sarah Palin's Facebook community is an excellent place to do some research. 

Palin is Trump's biggest supporter and has been using her social media reach to sway the election in his favor. So when the opportunity arose to fuel the latest conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton is too ill to become president because she has pneumonia (or something much worse!), Palin leapt onboard by posting a suggestive article from a right wing hack site (and no, we are not linking to it). 

Palin's fans duly weighed in on Clinton's health with what can only be described as a chorus of pure madness. Here's a selection of the best comments:

Duvan J Rodriguez God's punishment, she is evil and will get sick in the presence of good.

Orry Patton Well good be mad at me if I ask there be no antibiotic for this strain of pnamonia? Ok fine. God please heal her so she can keep killing us off.

Glen Crifasi Put her down, euthanasia has its use

Greg Schneider So she HUGS a little Girl ,she was Diagnosed FRIDAY , what about the 100s of other she has been around, typical DEMOCRAPS , LIES LIES LIES , and the STATE RUN CORRUPT CRIMINAL MEDIA COVERS FOR HER, HOPE Dr. Drew CNN for FIRING him for stating the obvious about the Walking Corpse aka Communist News Network

Susan Butler Griffith Read the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

Amy Kusmierz Frost She was just on Anderson Pooper, and was like, "no big deal" ... REALLY? If you have pneumonia you sit your butt at home, oh, but wait, that's what she's been doing, no press conferences, no rallys, then TURNS it on Donald J. Trump? How does a "newsperson" let it go there?, Nevermind... Anderson Cooper. nuff said...signed a Deplorable Incourageable...

Clifton Graber She's dying that's is to it folks a doctor for 23 years she has Parkinson's disease she not fit for office period. They can't hide any more.

Dan Jansen Nobody seems to mention the woman visibly holding her up as the van arrives. She can't stand on her own, she can barely walk without tripping. Her handlers circle around her in a well choreographed cover as if it is a normal event. Something is being covered up just so the US can get a woman president.

Martin Sykes Karma seems to be coming at the right time for this nefarious daughter of Satan.

Daphne Litton Parkinson's can start pneumonia...she really needs to lay low for a few weeks...her age and health is very important...just as it would be for is not just pneumonia...

Michael Parsons I'd hate to be the person who took the a day or two, they will be the victim of an unfortunate and mysterious "accident".

Tom Gilbert This 'faint' is not from pneumonia. It looks more like parkinsonism. 

Remember, ladies and gentlemen, this is Donald Trump's base and will be coming out to vote for him in November. Should he win, these people will have been vindicated. 

America, you can do better than this.