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Wondering why Donald Trump is suddenly backing out of revealing the results of his totally real medical exam "late last week?" I think it's because it never happened, and I think that because his campaign manager said this (transcript here):

If Conway doesn't know for sure he's lying, she suspects it, and she's insulating herself from that inevitable revelation. Later in the segment, she makes sure to note that she hasn't spoken to the alleged doctor, only to Trump:

Trump, or one of his dim loyalists, probably figured they could mock up a physical the same way Trump mocked up a fake spokesman, but now, they're thinking better of it. If Trump had a physical last Thursday or Friday, how did the press not notice he was gone? Why didn't the campaign announce it that day, or the next day? Even our uncritical media will have to smell a rat here.

Update: Even after this, I still call bullshit. He's basically reading yet another doctor's note from the same doctor.