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We'll circle back to the ghost thing momentarily. Meanwhile, the video of Hillary Clinton nearly passing out while leaving the 9/11 commemoration ceremony on Sunday is obviously being taken as vindication by Hillary health truthers like Alex Jones who believe the episode points to their larger theory that Hillary has one foot in the grave. 

As you'll see in the Jones video below, they're almost literally doing a happy dance over the existence of the footage because even though allergies and other illnesses are common among professional politicians, especially those who run for office for upwards of two years, these ghouls desperately want Hillary to be physically incapacitated to such a degree that she's unable to serve. Imagine for a moment the death threats and violent outrage coming from Trump's white nationalist base if Stephanie Miller or Randi Rhodes or Thom Hartmann wished for Trump to collapse from a stroke or cancer or a brain tumor or worse.

It'd be fair to evaluate Alex Jones' gleeful reaction, on top of his years of scandal mongering, as indicative of wanting Hillary to be deathly ill. Call it wishing for a passive assassination if you want -- I'm unsure of the psychology at work here, but one thing's for certain, the Alex Jones gaggle of paranoiacs can't wait for further news that Hillary is somehow permanently incapacitated. Therefore, if she's elected, she'd have to invoke the 25th Amendment, which outlines presidential succession -- useful when there's a serious illness, assassination or impeachment. 

This is truly vile.

First up, here's Jones' on his Monday show attempting to hold back an full-on orgasm:

ALEX JONES: Yes, I’ve been containing a Cheshire Cat grin all day long. My dad, we were out at the lake with the kids when this news came in. [Infowars reporter] Lee Ann [McAdoo] was texting me, so was [Infowars reporter Joe] Biggs. I went and saw the video. And I went, “Yeah! Yeah!” I was just like, just literally just in ecstasy. And my dad said, “that is horrible, celebrating over that sick woman even though I hate her too.” And I went, “no, this is a devastating victory against the enemy and more of the avalanche of them being discredited and the hand of God is upon this.” And it’s only going to get better the more good people take action. That’s why evil always fears us and does everything they can to try to contain us throughout history and suppress us because they’re scared of us. Look at these hunchbacked demons. They’re nothing.  

"Hunchbacked demons" isn't the worst part of his monologue, of course. The worst part is Jones' celebratory, "Yeah! Yeah!" I've never seen Jones this happy before, and it's all because the Democratic nominee for president temporarily succumbed to the symptoms of pneumonia and dehydration after powering through an endless campaign which an obese, throat-polyp sufferer like Jones could never endure himself.

Trolls might suggest that Hillary supporters would do a similar victory lap if Trump fell ill, but I'd prefer that Trump not become a martyr for his cause. I'd prefer that Trump lose the election the old fashioned way -- by getting his "winning" clock cleaned by a woman who's been relentlessly crucified by the conservative press and the GOP establishment. I don't want Hillary to win because Trump couldn't hack it. That's just me.

Nevertheless, what occurred after Jones' self-fellatio somehow managed to one-up any conspiracy theory Jones himself could've devised for the purposes of exploiting his audience of paranoids.

McADOO: Well, I gotta say, at first, I was like you [Jones] I was overcome with excitement and joy when I first saw it because it was almost like she was overcome with all the energy of those spirits of the people there at the 9/11 memorial --

JONES: She works with al-Qaeda and ISIS and was--

McADOO: Yeah, it's like--

JONES: --was struck down.

BIGGS: Karma.

McADOO: Yeah, send back your -- the campaign contributions from Saudi Arabia now that we have the 28 pages. She was like overcome, it was like the spirits were there, so I was really rejoicing.

Set aside the fact -- the fact -- that Saudi Arabia hasn't contributed money to her campaign. McAdoo, Jones and Biggs seem delighted that the "spirits" of thousands killed on 9/11 were back from the grave to knock Hillary off her feet. This is not only amazingly absurd, but it's also repulsively disrespectful and posthumously cruel to the victims of that day, as if they all have an ax to grind with Hillary, somehow, and would -- if ghosts actually existed -- haunt Hillary and sabotage her health and therefore her campaign.

So, based on this new ghost theory, I suppose we can assume that Jones and his minion now accept that Hillary's allegedly debilitating illness isn't an illness at all, but the work of angry ghosts who were killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Oh, and 9/11 was perpetrated by the government. There's that, too. Fascinating. And why are the victims tormenting Hillary from the grave? It's apparently due to her "work" with terrorist organizations like ISIS. This is what they're pissed about, so they sought their revenge by dehydrating her 15 years to the day after they died?

None of this is particularly crucial to the narrative of the presidential campaign, other than to underscore how Alex Jones and Donald Trump basically agree on many issues, beginning with President Obama's birth certificate and onward from there. Jones also claims to be advising Trump on various topics, so it'd be fair to ask Trump whether he believes Hillary was attacked by 9/11 ghosts, as his adviser Alex Jones claims. In addition to being a terrifying prospect, it also highlights how Trump resides far outside the wheelhouse of decency and reality, given how Jones might actually believe that Hillary's problem on Sunday might've been precipitating by ghosts of 9/11 victims.

And yet Hillary is the candidate who's being relentlessly scrutinized at this point.