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I've officially changed my mind about the strategic wisdom of Hillary Clinton doing press conferences, which I favor heavily as a journalist, but have heretofore understood to be a strategically unnecessary risk. I've changed my mind A. because of that pitiful forum last night that Jonathan Chait perfectly summed up here, and B. because Hillary was so fucking great at her presser this morning.

First, she told Reince Priebus right where he could shove his demand for a "smile":

Throughout the presser, Hillary was relaxed but sharp, tough yet charming, in short, all the things she's expected to be that no one else could possibly be, and in the end, just devastating to Trump. Watch the skill with which she tells Andrea Mitchell that she won't apologize for saying that ISIS is rooting for Trump to win because she never said that (she was quoting a guy), then proceeds to tell Andrea Mitchell all about how ISIS is rooting for Trump to win:

This was fucking brilliant, and if Hillary holds one of these a day until November, the Democrats will take back the Senate, the House, every state legislature, and all the dogcatchers, too. 

Here's the equally brutal dismount, in which Hillary says everyone needs to do their part to keep Trump out of the White House: