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Libertarian Gary Johnson exploded his own presidential candidacy this morning with four simple but deadly words:

"And what is Aleppo?"

You might think it's unfair to Johnson that this will end him, when Donald Trump could've answered "I like Hill's Science Diet better" and not lost a point, but it's actually unfair to the rest of us that Trump is immune. This should be disqualifying for Johnson, as should everything else about Donald Trump.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Mark Halperin leapt on Johnson as he lay bleeding in the hallway, scoring a brief iPhone interview in the smoking wreckage, and was so eager to twist the knife that he didn't even bother getting Morning Joe producers to rack his video, instead handing his phone to Mika to play Johnson's "damage control" death-rattle:

Before you feel sorry for Gary Johnson, don't. Libertarians are the fucking worst, the absolute fucking worst. They're comprised of Republicans who also want to fuck and smoke weed, and Democrats who want to be greedy but don't want to be called racist. Feel sorry for us, we have to sweat it out and hope Idiot America doesn't turn out heavy in November.

Update: Poor Gary got ZINGED! by Hillary Clinton at her tarmac presser: