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Here's one last talking point from that FBI report that was so stupid, I missed it the first time around. Everyone keeps making a big fucking deal over the fact that a hammer was used to dispose of, as the talking point goes, "13 Blackberries" that she used at State, even though it was only 8, and she only used one at a time. 

So, for example, Chris Cuomo asked Christine Quinn about it today, and she didn't have anything to say, and I'm like, "What the fuck am I missing?"

Chris Cuomo: 13 phones they destroyed with hammers, the FBI report says when it comes out? how are your voters supposed to take that? It’s not just about “Oh, I had my own e-mail server, I shouldn’t have done it. Hey, they said I could delete e-mails so I did. Bashing phones with hammers, who does that?

Christine Quinn: At the end of the day —

Chris Cuomo: I’m saying, if you’re going to get high and mighty about what Trump did, how do you feel about the phones?

Christine Quinn: At the end of the day, the FBI said there’s nothing to investigate, nothing to move forward.

Yeah, but it wasn't 13, it was 8 while she was at State, and according to the FBI report, only two were destroyed by hammer and/or being broken in half, and also, who the fuck cares? Hillary is famous and powerful, so she actually does have things that it’s perfectly reasonable to want to hide, like, say, her contact list. How would you like to be the aide responsible for some garbage-picking nerd getting President Obama‘s phone number? 

This is another example of something "looking bad" just because someone says it looks bad.