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If you've been watching the news, you probably think Hillary just sat there and told the FBI "I can't recall" over and over again during her interview, because that's what they're saying she did:

The fact is, though, the notes themselves don't contain a single instance of that, because as has been feverishly noted, this report was not a transcript of the interview, because the interview was not recorded. What we have here is not Hillary Clinton “(telling) the FBI ‘I do not recall’ 39 times,” but rather, 39 examples of an FBI agent saying Hillary could not recall something.

That seems like a minute distinction, until you actually look at the examples being cited. “Did not recall” is FBI-speak that doesn’t actually mean someone can’t remember something that they should be able to remember, as evidenced by the 15 times Hillary Clinton is said to “not recall” things that she would have no reason to recall because there’s no evidence they happened. 

For example, “Clinton did not recall receiving any emails she thought should not be on an unclassified system” because she, in fact, did not receive any emails she thought should not be on an unclassified system. She couldn’t recall using a flip-phone while she was at State because as far as anyone knows, she didn’t use a flip-phone while she was at State.

There were another 10 examples of Hillary not remembering a specific email based on the date or subject line, but then continuing to give the best answer she could, based on context. Perfectly reasonable. 

Now, if you want to dispute the facts as Hillary saw them, or analyze the specific things she actually didn't remember, that's a different story, but this "I can't recall" reporting is grossly false and misleading.