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This Photo of Donald Trump in a Black Church Wins the Internet

What the f*ck is he doing?
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trump black church.jpg

(image via the Guardian)

Donald Trump visited the Great Faith Ministries, a black church on the west side of Detroit this weekend, and was caught in perhaps the funniest pose of his presidential election campaign. 

Leave aside the fact that the visit was about as genuine as his trip to Mexico this past week, what in God's name is he doing in the photo above? 

Is the Donald a) pretending to be a Christian, b) attempting to look soulful, c) trying to get down with "The Blacks", or d) farting?

Either way, you've got to admire the man for pulling this type of brazen shit in the middle of a city that hates him, and in a church full of people who wouldn't vote for him even if Jesus appeared and told them to. 

Anyway, leave your best caption in the comment section below and we'll announce the winner on Monday.