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Let's Compare Hillary Clinton's Mental Health Proposal to Donald Trump's

Donald Trump's proposal for mental healthcare in America consists of gutting Obamacare, deporting illegal immigrants, allowing the private insurance industry to take over, and "creating jobs" so that America can reduce "our dependence on public health programs."
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Earlier this week Hillary Clinton unveiled a groundbreaking mental health care proposal that yet again proves why she is an infinitely superior candidate to the orange blob man running against her. 

Reported the Huffington Post:

The proposed policies include increased funding for community mental health centers, investing in more brain and behavioral research and creating a nation-wide initiative for suicide prevention, which claims the lives of more than 40,000 Americans each year. The plan would require insurance companies to offer adequate coverage for psychiatric disorders, with a goal of improving access and affordability.

The plan also addressed the concerns of specific communities, calling for better police training on how to interact with those in crisis and aiming to tackle maternal depression and early intervention for children who may be experiencing psychological issues. 

While critics will no doubt maintain her policies don't go far enough, it is the first time a presidential candidate has ever explicitly taken the epidemic of mental illness seriously. Clinton's proposed policies are extremely progressive and take into account the fact that mental health is an issue ignored for far, far too long by our political classes.  It is high time there was an acknowledgement that with industrial capitalism and a ruthlessly competitive education system comes severe psychological trauma, and Clinton's proposals are a very good start. The statistics on mental health in America are truly appalling, and if current trends continue, the mental health of the country is set to deteriorate even further. 

Donald Trump's proposal for mental healthcare in America on the other hand, consists of gutting Obamacare, deporting illegal immigrants, allowing the private insurance industry to take over, and "creating jobs" so that America can reduce "our dependence on public health programs."

Yes, that's really all there is. 

On his website, his specific proposal for mental health care is as follows:

Finally, we need to reform our mental health programs and institutions in this country. Families, without the ability to get the information needed to help those who are ailing, are too often not given the tools to help their loved ones. There are promising reforms being developed in Congress that should receive bi-partisan support.

In other words, do absolutely nothing other than waiting around for Congress to pass something. Perhaps he'll announce his own more detailed mental health care policy to counter Clinton's, but given he has committed to laying waste to public health care, those suffering shouldn't hold their breath.