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This Could be The Most Awkward Exchange Ever

Rachel Maddow and Kellyanne Conway got into perhaps the most awkward exchange in television history last night. It was really that bad.

Get ready to get uncomfortable. Very, very uncomfortable. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.52.45 PM.png

Kellyanne Conway, the latest Donald Trump campaign manager in his ever changing team, spoke with Rachel Maddow about a whole host of topics last night, including Donald Trump's tax returns. Trump is continuing to peddle the excuse that an audit prevents him from releasing his tax returns, despite the fact that it categorically does not

Maddow decided to call Conway on this last night, and politely insisted that she not weasel her way out of it. To call the two minute exchange awkward would be like calling Donald Trump's campaign muddled. It was really that bad. 

Maddow's extreme niceness was tested to its absolute limit as Conway slithered around the question and tried to claim that the public didn't need to see Trump's tax returns because he is incredibly rich. "I walk into the Trump Tower every day," said Conway. "And I'm like "this guy did pretty well for himself before I got here"" 

"I want to know if he pays taxes," shot back Maddow. 

"You know what you wanna know Rachel?" said Conway. "We all wanna know what taxes we would pay under his tax plan."

"No, trust me, I literally want to know whether he pays taxes," answered Maddow as Conway did her best mean girls fake laugh. 

The energy between the two women was so bad you could almost see it through the screen. Just watch: