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"I ran the largest and best police department in the world, the New York City Police Department. I saved more black lives than any of those people you saw on stage.” -- Rudy Giuliani, for some utterly baffling reason commenting on Beyoncé's performance at Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards

A couple of weeks ago, The Washington Post published a clever op-ed that basically asked if Rudy Giuliani was okay. The piece cited his apocalyptic rant, which truly did seem to be the product of perhaps a recent stroke or brain aneurysm, as well as the fact that when he stated that no terrorist attacks happened before Barack Obama became president he apparently somehow forgot 9/11. The idea of the editorial was to show how silly it is to speculate blindly on someone's health -- in this case, Giuliani's mental health -- when you don't have all the facts and with the goal of simply scoring a political scalp. Conservatives have been doing this for weeks now with Hillary Clinton, so the editorial board at WaPo figured they'd turn the tables to make a point.

But you know, it's tough not to wonder if there really isn't something wrong with Giuliani. It's not just that he's a paleoconservative tool. We've come to expect that by now. But Giuliani's behavior lately has been so relentlessly unhinged -- his judgment so fundamentally terrible when it comes to the outrageous things he says and the bizarre battles he picks -- that it's not easy to simply chalk it all up to his being an angry white septuagenarian. If you can get the unearthly echo of his shrieks of "America!" out of your head from his RNC speech, there's still the fact that he appeared not to know the difference between top and bottom. But even beyond that there remains his strange obsession with, of all people, Beyoncé.

It was February when Giuliani first decided that Beyoncé was someone who deserved to be knocked down a few pegs. After her Super Bowl halftime performance, Giuliani took to, of course, Fox News to bitch about how "outrageous" it was for her to supposedly "attack" police, simply by referencing the undeniable reality that there have been more than a few highly questionable shootings of black people by police officers recently. In Giuliani's view, Beyoncé marred what was otherwise a time-honored tradition of good old, American football by injecting her personal "Hollywood"-style politics into it. Now, of course, comes the above quote, which amusingly is in reference to Beyoncé's performance at the VMAs -- the absolute last event you'd expect somebody like Giuliani to give a shit about. 

According to the lunatic formerly known as "America's Mayor," who was invited to lend his keen critical mind on the subject of art to this morning's Fox & Friends, Beyoncé's performance was all kinds of offensive to exactly the kind of people you'd expect to be watching Fox & Friends. He railed against Beyoncé for bringing the so-called Mothers of the Movement -- four women whose sons died in police-related incidents -- onstage and for portraying her backup dancers as angels killed by police. Needless to say, the hosts of Fox & Friends agreed with Giuliani's assessment, with talking monkey Brian Kilmeade shaking his head in whatever passes for deep thought for him and calling the whole show "a shame."

While it's not a surprise that Giuliani and Fox would bemoan Beyoncé's performance, given that they're part of a larger morally bankrupt movement that believes any recognition that racism actually exists is an unqualified wrong, to target the most popular singer in the universe is a fool's errand. There likely isn't a soul who loves Beyoncé who's going to be turned off by her embrace of Black Lives Matter and the few that are, well, she doesn't really need anyway. Giuliani's quixotic campaign to "keep Beyoncé white-friendly" is nothing more than red-meat affirmation for Fox News's audience, nearly all of whom are themselves white and most of whom are squarely in the "at death's door" demographic. To that audience, there's nothing special about Beyoncé. She's just another black ingrate who doesn't understand that it's the police who protect her millions. 

Speaking of which, how long until Giuliani begins screeching about Colin Kaepernick?