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Can Arizona Please Get Rid of John McCain?

John McCain not a good man, and is not fit to serve his country anymore.
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John McCain just defeated challenger Kelli Ward in the Republican primary race for the Arizona Senate, and heads into what looks like a very tough battle with Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick. 

McCain, who is now 80 years old, has remained in the Senate since 1987 -- a good run by any account. But now it is time for McCain to go, and it is up to Arizona voters to ensure he leaves the national political scene and heads into retirement. 

In truth, McCain should have retired from national politics years ago. His once noble presence in Washington ended some time in the early 2000s after George W. Bush defeated him in the Republican primaries. Ever since, McCain has become a nastier and more shameless version of himself, and has allied himself with the worst elements of the Republican party. This culminated with his truly despicable campaign against Obama in 2008 where he not only ran on a platform so far to the right that he could easily have been defined as a fascist, but introduced and legitimized a barely literate former beauty queen as a serious force in US politics. 

While McCain was occasionally willing to live up to his 'Maverick' reputation by defying his party on issues like immigration, he is at heart, an anti-abortion, religious fundamentalist who has spent years trying to wreck social programs for the poor and get America into as many military conflicts as possible. 

Today, McCain is a mere shadow of his former self -- a man willing to sell his soul in order to stay relevant, and an embarrassment to those he served with during his brave military career. Because when Donald Trump humiliated him for getting caught and tortured in Vietnam, McCain stood by and took it. Not only that, he used his considerable political capital to actually endorse the man despite disagreeing with virtually everything he says. 

This legitimization of Donald Trump is a step too far and should represent the final nail in the coffin for McCain's political career. He is not a good man, and is not fit to serve his country anymore. Arizonans need to let him know this in no uncertain terms and vote to send him packing this November.