Roland Martin was interviewing Pastor Mark Burns, who has been flacking for Donald Trump all over the place, and who kept tweeting blackface images to attack Hillary Clinton this past weekend, when Burns trotted out a very tired talking point. Roland got him to agree that Republicans suck when it comes to reaching out to black voters, but tried to argue that black voters should stop voting for Democrats because there are still poor black people in cities where Democrats are in charge.

There are a lot of ways to go at that dumb shit, but Roland took the short and sweet one:

I like Roland's argument because it is brief and utterly exposes the logical fallacy, but don't mistake his argument for equivalence. Rural white voters vote against their own interest because the Democrats don't present them with social and cultural positions they can live with, while black voters have long voted for Democrats based on policy, not on culture. Black voter ID was overwhelmingly Democratic even before all the segregationists switched parties in the sixties, because it has always been about policy, not identity. 

I will say that Democrats have not offered black voters the best deal over the years, which leads to legitim