Michael Moore was on Late Night last night (Monday night/Tuesday morning), and he told the story of meeting Donald Trump in 1998, and Trump begging him to go easy on him, before a taping of Roseanne's talk show. It's a story Moore has told before, but he added a little something extra for Seth Meyers:

Moore: I said, “You have nothing to worry about. Come on, we’re going to go out and have some fun with Roseanne.” I’m having to talk him off the ledge from this. You know, grow some gonads, here.

Meyers: Yeah.

Moore: You know? I mean, it’s kind of like — and so we went out there, and I was very nice to him, and in the years since, I thought, jeez, he is good, because he played me. Because I didn’t go after him or his real estate here or any of that —

Meyers: Because he tricked you into having sympathy for him?

Moore: I felt sorry for him, and the hands were so wet.

Turns out, Moore and his crew have a running bet to see if Moore can work certain words and phrases into his various TV interviews, including ones with Seth Meyers, so...last night's word was "gonads."

But also, Trump really does need to grow a set.