PANTS ON FIRE! Politifact Writer Says 'Both Sides' Are Equally 'Egregious,' But What Do Their Actual Ratings of Trump and Hillary Say?

It's actually worse than you thought.

On Saturday, MSNBC hosted Politifact Senior Writer Lauren Carroll for a segment that wound up confirming that two of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s lies were, in fact, lies, while something that Hillary Clinton said about Donald Trump was, in fact, true.  

So far, so good, but then Carroll was asked which campaign has told the most "egregious" falsehood, and that's where it all went wrong:

Ayman Mohyeldin: Let me ask you this. In terms of the comments you’re hearing on the campaign trail from both candidates so far, what is the most egregious statement made by one side or the other that you say is false?

Lauren Carroll: I feel like it changes every week. We hear an egregious spin about her e-mails, and then that thousands of people were cheering on 9/11. and that Mexico is sending in the bad people. We are hearing it from both sides.

Even on its own terms, two horribly racist smears versus one example of “spin” doesn’t hold water, but maybe there’s something in Politifact’s ratings that supports Carroll’s conclusion that both sides are equally bad. Or maybe not. Here’s how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stack up according to Politifact’s own ratings:


 You read it right, Donald Trump is triple the liar that Hillary is, and was only rated “True” four percent of the time! Or, in mediaspeak, "both sides!"