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Quote of the Day: Mass Lesbian Infiltration of Agriculture "Is Obama’s Best Scheme Yet"

The lesbians are coming!!
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Jonathan Chait has some fun with Rush Limbaugh's truly special theory that the federal government's plan to raise awareness about LGBT issues in rural areas is in fact a thinly disguised effort by President Obama to "attack rural states" by populating farms with lesbians:

It’s pretty obvious that once Obama locks up the farmers in FEMA camps, he’s going to need to repopulate the farms with political loyalists, or else the cities will have food shortages. That’s where the lesbians come in. By the time Hillary Clinton is running for her fourth term, red America will have been completely liquidated, and she won’t even need Acorn to steal the election for her.

You have to really wonder exactly what goes on in the mind of someone like Rush Limbaugh in order to come up with this nonsense. Here is Limbaugh's theory in full, as espoused on his radio show:

Rural America happens to be largely conservative. Rural America is made up of self-reliant, rugged individualist types. They happen to be big believers in the Second Amendment. So here comes the Obama Regime with a bunch of federal money and they’re waving it around, and all you gotta do to get it is be a lesbian and want to be a farmer and they’ll set you up. I’m like you; I never before in my life knew that lesbians wanted to be farmers.

I never knew that lesbians wanted to get behind the horse and the plow and start burrowing. I never knew it. But apparently enough money it make it happen, and the objective here is to attack rural states. They’re already attacking suburbs, and that has been made perfectly clear by what happened in Milwaukee. They’re going after every geographic region that is known to be largely conservative. They never stop, folks. They are constantly on the march.

The #RuralPride campaign -- hosted by several entities that include the USDA -- is simply trying to raise awareness of the issues facing LGBT people in rural communities. Here is one of the organizations hosting the summits, the NCLR (National Center For Lesbian Rights), on the reality of the campaign:

The centerpiece of the #RuralPride campaign is a series of day-long summits hosted by USDA, NCLR, the True Colors Fund, and a number of local partners based in rural communities across the country. These summits will give us a chance to focus on the unique needs of the rural LGBT community, highlight the important federal policy efforts underway to protect this community, and identify next steps to ensure all rural communities have access to the resources they need to thrive.

Turning the protection some of the most vulnerable people in America from prejudice, violence and discrimination into a vast conspiracy theory about the end of Christian values and the destruction of the family is classic conservative fear mongering. While Limbaugh's bonkers rant gets credit for creativity, the sad reality is that this constitutes serious intellectual thought in right wing circles -- yet another reason to keep them as far away from government as humanly possible.