It's Still Not Enough: Saying Goodbye to the Tragically Hip - "The Hip has been a constant companion as we've experienced our own lives," writes Bob Cesca. "And now, as with any love affair, be it lifelong or temporary, we have no choice but to part ways. We meet, we fall in love -- and no matter how vigorously we promise to stay (until the wisteria fades), we move on. If we're lucky, a magical troubadour like Gord Downie will join us for the ride."

A Sexual Harassment Scandal Where Everyone Involved Is Terrible - Chez Pazienza weighs in on the Andrea Tantaros/Roger Ailes harassment suit that involves two of the nastiest people in television. While expressing sympathy for Tantaros, it would be "really nice to find someone not kind of loathsome here," says Chez.

The Clintons Must Stop Saving Millions of Lives - Tommy Christopher examines the Everest-like peak that Clinton Derangement Syndrome reached this week. 

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