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If you aren't caught up on the latest Clinton "scandal," MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle breaks it down, digests it, and shits it out in 33 seconds, making the two reporters she's interviewing sound pretty stupid in the process:

Yes, the idea here is that the Prince of Bahrain donated $32 million to the Clinton Foundation so he could score a 10-minute meeting with Hillary Clinton, which, if it were true, should be drawing praise from Donald Trump for making "the best deals."

What's frustrating about this, though, is that while Ruhle does an excellent and succinct job of it, she's not the only one to note this, and the response from reporters is always the same: yeah, we know there's nothing to it, but it looks bad:

Okay, this might come as news to you, journalists, but your job is to explain how things "looking bad" isn't as important as things being what they really are, which is what it is your entire job to report. This is like going to your doctor and having him tell you "Yeah, those symptoms sound bad. That'll be two-hundred dollars, please."