Two of the greatest moments of this week came courtesy of Brianna Keilar, the first being her delectable short-circuiting of Trump attorney Michael Cohen, who made the mistake of asking her exactly which polls showed his client losing:

Never ask a question you don't already know the answer to, Counselor. Former Congressman Jack Kingston should have kept that in mind when he appeared with Keilar Friday night to try and push Trump's fake black outreach

Try to push past Kingston asserting that speaking to an actual black crowd would naturally require a "backdrop with a burning car," and hang in there until he tries to tell Keilar that maybe Trump's North Carolina crowd really was diverse:

I love everything about that clip, from the pained inflection in Keilar's voice when she says "I have to stop you there" to Kingston's lame reply when she tells him the crowd "was white. We checked."