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Of all the dumb shit that's being said about the $400 million "ransom" that isn't a ransom.perhaps none is dumber, shittier, or more irritating than this dumb shit:

Let's just hold on a second. President Obama and his staff briefed the entire world about the $400 million payment of Iran's own money to Iran, negotiated down to a steep discount, and explained it again at length a couple of weeks ago:

Now, a "ransom" is something that you pay to secure someone's release. This was Iran's own money, and to the extent it had anything to do with the release of Americans, it was that we implicitly threatened to withhold it

Reagan, on the other hand, sold arms to Iran in secret, then turned around and funded a cocaine-fueled rebel army in secret, and refused to answer questions about it:

Instead, he sent out his AG to take the heat, and to admit to the whole thing:

What Reagan was involved in was a crime, and the only way he escaped that crime's consequences was by convincing an unskeptical press that he just didn't know:

Can you imagine what our press would do if Obama did any of that? Look what they do when he tells the truth and does everything right: