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Lost in the scramble to debate Donald Trump's latest remarks in which he accuses President Obama of being the founder of ISIS, there's another story quietly circulating today about Trump's attitude about his campaign's prospects for victory. 

Before we dig in, it's worth noting while we're here that Trump's been telling his loyalists that Obama is the founder, and Hillary the co-founder of ISIS, since the primaries. In fact, the first time Trump is on record saying Obama "created ISIS" was early January of this year. The political press is, naturally, slow on the uptake here. It's also worth noting that Trump's simply repeating what Alex Jones has been saying since ISIS first congealed in 2013. Here's Jones back in June telling his paranoid followers that ISIS is Obama's "proxy army"; and here's Jones saying Obama will deploy ISIS so they can help him seize firearms from American citizens.

It's also worth noting that Alex Jones is a known bullshit artist, and yet he appears to be advising Trump on foreign policy and terrorism, among other things including Obama's birth certificate.

Meanwhile, Trump called into CNBC Thursday to discuss his ISIS remarks, and to repeat over-and-over his unfounded and wholly ridiculous assertion about Obama, Hillary and ISIS. (Hillary, by the way, ended her term as Secretary of State three months before ISIS was even formed.) During the interview, Trump said:

“I just keep doing the same thing I’m doing right now,” Trump said. “And if at the end of 90 days, I’ve fallen short … it’s OK. I go back to a very good way of life.” [...]

 “At the end, it’s either going to work or I’m going to have a very, very nice long vacation,” Trump also said to CNBC. “I think we’re going to have victory, but we’ll see.”  

So, Trump is more or less brushing off his rapidly expanding chances for a startlingly horrendous defeat in November. Oh well, he seems to be saying, the worst case scenario is that I go on vacation for a while -- no big whoop.

This is the guy who's relentlessly blurting that he's the only human being who stands between greatness and utter ruin, and yet he seems to be perfectly cool with this prospect of losing, and losing badly, to Hillary Clinton who, by the way, is apparently the co-founder of ISIS. But no biggie, right?

The chief take-away here is yet another glimpse at Trump's lack of respect for other people's money while engaging in America's most expensive public display of political masturbation ever. Trump appears to be telling his contributors that he's really unconcerned about frivolously pissing away their donations. He'll be just fine if he loses.

We're talking about a candidate who's actively self-destructing, while continuously asking people to contribute their hard-earned money to his seemingly pointless endeavor. If he loses, fuck you, he'll be just fine. Vacation, etc.

According to Open Secrets, Trump has spent $49.9 million of his own money running for president -- a post he really doesn't seem to care about winning any more. Concurrently, Trump has raised $24 million in small individual contributions; $12 million in large individual contributions; and $2 million from other sources. Additionally, $61 million has been spent by outside groups in support of Trump.

That's $36 million in total donations on top of his own self-financing funds, plus $61 million by outside groups, all of whom assume that Trump actually wants to be president and will work his orange ass off in order to become president. They still don't appear to notice that he's spiking his campaign while rationalizing his potential loss by looking forward to a really long vacation rather than Making America Great Again.

If I were a contributor, I'd demand my money back. Of course, withdrawing one's financial support from the Trump campaign is nearly impossible because there's no way to stop monthly auto-donations from pulling money from his donors' checking accounts or credit cards. The Trump campaign failed to add that feature to their system. 

Yes, Trump continues to screw the people who stupidly give him money.

Speaking of which, the 23rd lien was filed against the Trump National Doral Miami golf club in Florida. That means 23 subcontractors -- ostensibly small businesses owned by regular every day Americans -- haven't been paid by Trump and his business representatives. 

This lien, which opens the way for a forced sale of Doral unless it’s paid off, was filed Aug. 9 by Straticon LLC, the Martin County-based construction firm in charge of part of the $255 million renovation of the famed country club.

According to the paperwork, Starticon says it’s still owed $236,472 for its work on the three-year project, which ended in June.

Anyone who's giving money to Trump, or providing him with goods and services, should be prepared to be stiffed. It's what he does -- this would-be steward of the American economy.