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If poli-sci students have only twenty-two seconds to learn about the 2016 presidential election, these are the only twenty-two seconds they need:

I don't think Donald Trump is going to win, but what he has accomplished with nothing but some racism and an IQ just above room temperature is, frankly, amazing, and this clip demonstrates exactly how he's doing it. In a Jedi mind trick so simple it wouldn't work on a Gundark, Trump has gotten the news media to repeat, ad nauseam, the charge that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are responsible for the rise of ISIS.

It's not a new charge, and it was even trotted out by Bernie Sanders' campaign, but Trump has found a way to get the media to paint this fence for him simply by tweaking it from a political attack into a slander. 

What's amazing, though, is that unlike Tom Sawyer, Trump is telling his dupes what he's doing. In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Trump completely agreed with Hewitt that his argument is essentially that Obama enabled ISIS, but continued to call him the "founder":

 After essentially conceding that "founder" is the wrong word, Trump explained why he's using it anyway:

Yes, good point, indeed. Let's see if it sinks in with all those fence-painters.