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In this week's truly epic edition of Banter M, our digital mag for members:

Donald Trump’s Republican Centipede Economic Plan - The GOP candidate’s economic plan is an unholy monster that attempts to graft corporatist economics onto populism, writes Lenny DeFranco. But Trump failed to reconcile what are two essentially irreconcilable ideologies.

Drinking the Trump Sand - Donald Trump is the sand and his people are "shoving fistfuls of it into their gaping maws," argues Bob Cesca. Why? Because they don't know the difference between Trump and an actual presidential-level statesman.

The Journey of a Quarter-Million Marlboro Miles - In an epic tale of his struggle Tommy Christopher remembers his first cigarette, and hopefully his last.

The Limits of Science - Is western science the only way to determine reality, or is it just a method limited by the subjectivity of its practitioners? Ben Cohen engages in an incredibly interesting debate with an arch atheist and a committed agnostic to determine whether we really do know a lot, or are actually living in the Matrix and haven't got the faintest idea what is going on.

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