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For the past week or so now, as Donald Trump has circled the rhetorical drain like the oily Olestra turd that he is, just about everyone in the political realm who still has a functional moral compass has called upon Paul Ryan to get off his knees and denounce Trump's nightmarish campaign once and for all. Hell, in a scathing and unprecedented rebuke, the President of the United States himself wondered aloud when Ryan and the rest of the GOP establishment would finally turn their backs on an unhinged lunatic who's not only unfit to govern in any capacity but who also represents an extinction level event for the modern Republican party. 

We keep waiting for it to happen. We keep wondering whether seeming to collude with Vladimir Putin and calling upon him to hack Hillary Clinton's e-mails in the name of helping out the presidential aspirations of his favorite orange sycophant would earn him a Republican rebuke and rebellion. Whether insulting a Gold Star family would be enough to end the establishment's flirtation with this sociopath. Whether apparently asking if he could just use nuclear weapons to settle the U.S.'s foreign policy problems would do the trick. Whether not knowing that Russia has been in fucking Ukraine for the past two years would wake the GOP up. Nothing has yet. Trump can't seem to find and cross the line that will finally make guys like Paul Ryan abandon party politics, save themselves future shame, and save the country from they monster they turned loose on it. 

But then, of course, comes today. (Which you can really say about every other day of the Trump campaign.) Then comes Trump suggesting that "Second Amendment people" might be the only ones who can stop Clinton from appointing left-leaning Supreme Court judges. Then you had Trump, a presidential candidate, basically threatening the life of another presidential candidate and the Supreme Court justices she would appoint. This, you surely think -- this is the thing that will hit Paul Ryan and his ilk in the face with the facts: that they've hitched their wagon to an uncontrollable, unrepentant, unhinged, unfit global menace. 

You'd maybe think that -- and once again you'd be wrong. This evening, Ryan held a news conference to celebrate his big primary victory and he was of course asked about Trump's comment today. His response: "It sounds like just a joke gone bad. I hope he clears it up very quickly. You shouldn’t joke about something like that.” Man, that kind of scathing condemnation is surely the thing that's finally going to turn Trump around and make him see the error of his ways. Jesus Christ, is Ryan a craven little pussy. That's the best he can do as his party's nominee for the highest office in the world basically tells a room full of gun-fetishizing crazies that maybe shooting Clinton and a few Supreme Court justices is the way to go.

When pressed by people with microphones and cameras who are at this point fucking dumbfounded that seemingly rational people are letting this dangerous mental patient run roughshod over them, Ryan pushed back with an oldie but a goodie, saying that a President Trump would bring "better receptivity of our agenda" than a President Hillary Clinton. Which roughly translates into, "I don't give a fuck if we're giving tax breaks to the four billionaires who survived the Trump-initiated nuclear holocaust in a bunker and there are no more abortions because the radiation has made women infertile, as long as we get our way." 

At this point there's literally nothing Trump can do that will make these reprehensible assholes reconsider their decision. The best we can hope for is that Trump truly does take them all down with him.