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So, Donald Trump totally suggested that gun nuts might kill Hillary if she gets to pick Supreme Court justices, and immediately put out a statement whining at the media for reporting its plain meaning.

Before Trump supporters (and Berners, and any other Hillary-haters) even start, yes, we all remember Hillary making her own assassination remark in 2008:

Now, what Hillary said wasn't nearly as bad as what Trump said, but it was pretty bad. At the time, Hillary explained that she was just listing off random primaries that went long, as she was wont to do

Although I was outraged at the time, because even unintentionally making such a suggestion was reckless and irresponsible, I actually believed her explanation, the musing of a socially awkward political history buff. Love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton has a long history of being prone to a tin ear, something that's gotten much better this time around. Obama believed her, too:

As much as I believed her intent was benign, her "apology" was so quintessentially 2008 Hillary that her current campaign should study it like a game film, because she went through the whole thing acting like people were offended on Bobby Kennedy's behalf, not Obama's:

Trump's explanation, that he was simply referring to political mobilization, doesn't hold any water at all if you know English, because he said "if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks," which, if it were a reference to political mobilization, would have applied to any activist base on any issue.

Inevitably, there will be accusations and whining about a double-standard, so before that even starts, yes, the media tore Hillary apart over this. There was no wondering about whether or not she was misinterpreted, there was just universal condemnation, best exemplified by this epic Keith Olbermann rant that seems unbelievable now: